Technology of grain preservation (storage) by cooling.

When storing malting barley it is necessary to ensure a rapid decline in temperature and to prevent the increase of barley humidity. This is necessary in order to conserve energy germination of grain, to prevent contamination, spoilage and loss of barley dry matters.
Usually the storage occurs in reinforced concrete and steel silos, which are equipped with active ventilation systems. However, there is a risk with active venting, because between the moisture content in the grain and relative humidity equilibrium is established, depended from the temperature, and if the moist air will be fed into dry grain, the grain will be moistened. The grain cooling is achieved only in the cold season by moving from one silo to another.
All these storage problems are solved by the innovative technology at our newly built all-metal grain silo.
All 36 silos are equipped with air ducts and 24 mobile fans. For rapid cooling of grain up to 10 – 14°C two mobile refrigeration machines GRANIFRIGOR are installed. The grain cooler fan draws the air, which is cooled to the desired temperature and dehumidified in the cooler – evaporator. This releases water. Further, the cold air is heated in the unit, what reduces the relative humidity. The unit uses the energy from the refrigerant circuit and does not require additional electricity costs. Dry cold air is supplied to the air hose distributor of the silo and blown through the grain mass. Exhaust air is discharged to the atmosphere, carrying with it seized from grain moisture and heat.
GRANIFRIGOR technology does not depend on weather conditions. Installation can be used even in rain or mist without the risk of grain moisture.

Highly efficient tandem kiln.

All heat is reused!
During kilning the malt with initial humidity 42 – 46% up to 4 – 5% it is necessary to remove a huge amount of water. Moisture is entrained by air, which is used for kilning. For this purpose, the air is warmed till certain temperature. The hot air absorbs moisture from the grain and carries it into the atmosphere out. However, along with the moisture also the hot air evaporates. Therefore any decision is very important for reuse of the heat of the outgoing air again. And such an innovative solution is used in our kiln, where the hot air that goes into the atmosphere is used through the presence of the heat exchanger and recycling of air.
It happens this way:
– The air is heated up to the temperature of 40 – 85°C;
– After it passes through the malt layer, its temperature is 30 – 80°C;
– In a countercurrent glass heat exchanger the hot air gives its heat to the fresh air in the counter flow, which goes to the further heating and kilning of malt;
– After connecting to the second kiln, the exhaust air from the first kiln is going not out into the atmosphere, but it is fed to the second kiln by recirculation channels.

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