The main raw material for the production of brewing pale malt from barley (main product of JSC “Belsolod”) is malting barley corresponding to TUBY190239501.773-2010. Our barley is cultivated by special technology, which includes a complex of science-based technological approaches based on zonal characteristics of individual districts, regions and specific varieties.

The main requirements to the grain: light yellow colour with no musty smell, large, rounded, short, with thin film, not damaged by pests, with low protein content (max 11.5%), high extract content (min 80%), high germination energy (95% and more), humidity max 15.5%.

To improve the quality parameters of our product to be competitive in the international market, it is necessary to conduct the strain renovation of barley seed by high-tech varieties of intensive type by supplier’s farms in the raw material area of JSC “Belsolod”.

For this aim our enterprise is purchasing every year high-tech elite varieties of malting barley in the amount of min 200-250 tons for breeding up to the first reproduction and for reducing the cost of seed.

JSC “Belsolod” works closely with the following plant breeders:

RUE “Scientific and Practical Center of NAS of Belarus on agriculture”, Republic of Belarus;
«Sekobra Recherches», France;
«SAATEN-UNION», Germany;
«Hodowla Roslin Strzelce Sp. z o.o.», Poland;
«Oseva Eximpo Praha», Czech Republic.


There are 28 varieties of malting barley in the State Register of plants, trees and shrubs varieties, which are regionalized in the Republic of Belarus. The main varieties of malting barley in our row materials zone are:

Brovar, Ataman, Taler, Stratus, Thorgall, Josephine, Sebastian, Serval, Zhana.

Due to the remoteness of the processing enterprise JSC “Belsolod” from the raw material zone, located in Grodno, Minsk, Vitebsk and Mogilev regions, the closely cooperation with agricultural producers of malting barley, its preparation and storage are problematic. To solve this problem at JSC “Belsolod” was created the staff of regional representatives, who directly enter into contracts for the supply of raw materials, control growing conditions, advise on the cultivation of malting barley, organize procurement of raw materials etc.