Pilsen malt
Pilsen malt
Pilsen malt
Pilsen malt is an ideal base malt and is the main ingredient for all styles of premium beer. The two-row spring malting barley varieties used for production in our malt house allow our technology team to make well-modified and even malt with an ideal protein content and high enzymatic activity.
Parameter Unit Value
Moisture % max 5,0
Extract, fine (dry matter of malt) % min 80,0
Protein in dry matter of malt % max 11,5
Extract difference % max 1,8
Saccharification time minutes 10-15
Wort colour EBC max 4,3
Kolbach index % 38-43
Free amino nitrogen mg/l min 140
Diastatic power WK min 250
Friability (M) % max 80,0
β -glucan mg/l max 220
Pass through the sieve > 2,5 mm % max 3,0
For all types of beer – base malt
Up to 100%
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