Private agricultural unitary enterprise (CHSUP) “Lyakhovichskoye-Agro”

The private agricultural unitary enterprise ” Lyakhovichskoye-Agro “, based on the right of business, established in accordance with the decision of the general meeting of shareholders of Open Joint Stock Company “Belsolod” Minutes of May 25, 2010 number 30.
CHSUP “Lyakhovichskoye-Agro” registered by the Brest Regional Executive Committee on May 31, 2010. In the Unified State Register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs was made a record with the registration number 290 986 590.
Property of the CHSUP ” Lyakhovichskoye-Agro ” is owned by JSC “Belsolod” and belongs to the company on the right of business.
The company carries out its activities in accordance with the law and the Charter of the owner’s decision.
CHSUP “Lyakhovichskoye-Agro” has the status of a legal entity, it is a commercial organization, it has in the economic management detached property, it assumes sole responsibility for its obligations, it can acquire and exercise property rights on its own behalf, fulfill obligations, sue and be sued in court. The company has its own balance.

Location of the CHSUP “Lyakhovichskoye-Agro”: Republic of Belarus, Brest Region, Ivanovo district, 225807 Lyakhavichy, ul. Veselaya, 1.

The aim of the company`s activity is carrying out economic activities for making a profit.
Subject of activity is the production of agricultural products.

Main specialization

The main specialization of the economy – the production of milk and cattle meat on the basis of the own fodder, grain, sugar beet, oilseed rape, potatoes. In the structure of revenues for 2012 revenues from sales of milk takes 42.6%, beef – 22.5%, cereals and legumes – 17.4%, other crop production – 12.4%, other revenues – 5.1%.

Animal husbandry

Milk production in 2012 was 9 023 tons and increased compared with 2011 to 10.4%.
Average annual population of the main herd of dairy cattle in 2012 totaled 1 523 head. Average annual milk yield per cow – 5 924 kg, which is higher than the previous year (5 475 kg) to 8.2%.
The average annual number of cattle breeding and feeding in 2012 was 2 904 head, average daily gain – 742 g (increased compared to 2011 with 700 g of 6.0%). Growth and litter cattle live weight was 829 tonn that higher than in 2011 by 7.1%.

Plant growing

The total land area of CHSUP ” Lyakhovichskoye-Agro “, as of 01.01.2013, amounts 5 928 hectares, including 5 477 hectares of farmland, of which 3 851 ha of arable land, hayfields and pastures takes 1 616 hectares.
The CHSUP is characterized by the following indicators of productivity in 2012: the yield of grain and legumes in weight after cleaning and drying is 48.1 hundredweight per hectare (an increase compared with 2011 – 21.3%), rapeseed – 17.3 hundredweight per hectare (an increase compared with 2011 – 10.2%), sugar beet – 400.4 hundredweight per hectare (an increase compared with 2011 – 14.4%).

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