Malt is cereal grains, germinated in specially created and controlled conditions. The final product of germination is called “green malt”. After wilting and then drying it turns into dried malt. The purpose of the malting is mainly to obtain enzyme-containing products.

JSC “Belsolod” produces brewing pale malt from barley complying with the requirements of international standards.

Malt is mainly used in brewing, where it can be used either as “brewing malt” or mixed with unmalted raw materials. At present by the production of beer the fundamental importance is given to the properties of dry malt. Such beer factors as its colour, taste, stability and foaming depend on the nature and quality of used malt.

The quality of pale malt is evaluated by organoleptic, physical, mechanical, physiological and chemical parameters. When considering the conventional methods of assessment we should take into account the possible relationships between malt parameters and properties of beer.

The specialists of the enterprise ensure close monitoring of sowing, growing conditions and harvesting of barley.

In order to ensure the high quality of raw and auxiliary materials and to ensure production and delivery of finished malt according to specified requirements, we perform monitoring, which includes:

The use of our technology combined with modern equipment guarantees the production of high-grade malt.