Caramel malt
Caramel malt
Caramel malt
Caramel malt is made on a roasting drum from the “green malt” (the sprouted grain). This malt type is designed to give beer the required colour, aroma and flavour. Thanks to caramel malt, the taste of beer can change from sweet, malty to a distinct taste of roasted grain and sometimes even honey. Caramel malt is a specialty malt and serves as an additive to base malts.
Parameter Unit Value
Moisture % max 6,0
Wort colour EBC 50 - 350
Foreign matter % max 0,3
Extract, fine (dry matter of malt) % min 73,0
Amount of caramel grains % min 85,0
For all beers as an additive to the base malt
Up to 20%
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