Dark Vienna malt
Dark Vienna malt
Dark Vienna malt
Vienna malt is produced from two-row spring malting barley with the use of the same technology as for Pilsen malt, but it is kilned at higher temperatures. This allows to obtain a golden-colored wort with a sweet bread-like flavour and aroma. Vienna malt can be used not only in addition to other types of malt, but also as the base malt.
Parameter Unit Value
Moisture % max 4,2
Extract, fine (dry matter of malt) % min 80,8
Protein in dry matter of malt % min 10,1
Wort colour EBC min 8,8
Pass through the sieve (2,2х20) mm % max 1,0
Foreign matter % max 0,5
For Light and Gold Lagers, Vienna Lager, Kolsch, Altbier, Porter, and other beers.
Up to 100%
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