After the reconstruction of our steeping and germination equipment and the construction of two new one-floor tandem kilns, we have achieved a twice increase in the production capacity – up to 130 thousand tons of malt per year. The production is mostly equipped with equipment of a world-famous company «BÜHLER».
Malt production includes:
taking over, cleaning, sorting and storage of barley.
Taking over of barley is made from road and rail transport. Initial cleaning and sorting of barley are made on the new modern high-tech equipment. Barley is stored in the reinforced concrete silos with capacity 110 thousand tons. Recently the new metal elevator of German company RIELA was commissioned with storage capacity of 100 thousand tons of barley. The unique storage technology provides active ventilation of barley with RIELA fans and cooling in summer with cooling unit GRANIFRIGOR, creating a flow of cold air with controlled temperature and humidity to optimize the storage of grain.

Steeping of barley:
Steeping, washing and disinfection is performed simultaneously in 8 cylinder-conical tanks. We have 24 tanks. 350 tons of barley can be steeped at once. Every steeping tank is equipped with water inlet and outlet, six- blowers AERZENER ( Germany) for the supply of compressed air through the outer ring with nozzles and air-lift units, which allow to remove the physical contaminations. Removing of CO2 is carried out individually by 24 fans. The technological process is carried out in an automated and software controlled mode from a computer on a classical pneumatic technology. Steeping duration is for at least 48 hours. Measurements and control of dissolved oxygen in water and CO2 concentration during the air breaks are conducted during the steeping process.

Germination of barley:
Germination is carried out in 8 “Saladin” boxes. During germination the screw turner of company BÜHLER periodically turns the grain layer, raising it to 50cm. If it is necessary, the grain layer is moisturized through nozzles on the screw turner. The grain layer is regularly blown through by conditioned air; the air cooling is performed in the air coolers with ice water. Germination duration is at least 5 days. The process is controlled by BÜHLER software.

Malt kilning:
Malt kilning is conducted in two one-floor tandem kilns with waste heat recovery. The open grate surface of the floors is 40%. Air heating is indirect; gas burners give the heat air to the heaters. Fresh cool air comes through glass heat exchangers, in which the counter stream of exhaust air from the kiln warms it, and then goes through heater, where it is heated to a temperature of software tasks. The entire kilning process, including the time for loading and unloading is carried out automatically and takes 32 hours.

Degerminating is carried out on modern German equipment. Barley and malt transportation is by the belt conveyor system to reduce mechanical impact on the grain. All stages of production controlled automatically by advanced software in given modes. As a result of modernization of technological processes the modern production of high technical level was created for production of competitive products.

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